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Looking for some Reggie Wayne RCs or some OchoCinco

Left to Right: Base RC, Prism Refractor, Atomic

[Image: img240_zps42c66e58.jpg]
Check me for them plz
Check me please.
Didn't see anything I'm looking for guys. Thanks for posting though.
check me please.
I have an OchoCinco patch from '12 Prestige. Also have 2001 Bowman and Bowman Gold RCs... could go for any of the three.
Check me including PC section, thanks!
check me for anything
I don't have any cards of the 2 players you listed, but check my org and bucket to see if you like anything.
I have a few Reggie Wayne rookies not in my org yet as they were PC...will add scans if ur interested.
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