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A lot of people bust boxes and packs here on Beckett so I thought it was a good idea to start this thread.

Here is how it works:

I will pay:

$0.25 per card for any card that books at $5.00 or less

$0.50 per card for any card that books at $5.01 to $10.00

Minimum card amount per lot is 10!!! (May bend the rule if it is worth it)

Here is what I have so far (I have a LONG way to go lol)

If you have 10 Lamar Millers I do not have please send me a PM!!!

I will also cover shipping!!! $3.00 for bubble mailer and DC.

Scans always help and if you have questions lmk.

I have a R & S rookie materials auto patch /499, interested in it?
Are you interested in a R&S Lamar Miller Auto patch #25/25? Also I know I have a few base cards of lamar miller I can throw in if a deal is made.
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