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(11-28-2012 09:06 PM)bamamania89 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks I'm trying to move it but can't find anything on it as far as bv wise

You mean what it's worth? If so being /5 you won't. Best thing you could do is search ebay to find what other similar cards /5 of his sold for. Hope that helps
I did see 3/5 on eBay for sale for 100
(11-28-2012 10:48 PM)bamamania89 Wrote: [ -> ]I did see 3/5 on eBay for sale for 100

I would just check the completed sales. The asking price is mostly meaningless. For example I just got a Elway card for $67 dlvd. Another seller has it BIN for $250. Yet another has it BIN for $100. Completed sales works best to try and figure out what it's worth. Being /5 though the info might not be available. Good luck man Smile
Thanks man shoot me a offer
(11-28-2012 11:01 PM)bamamania89 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks man shoot me a offer

I was just trying to help ya out Smile No interest in buying. Gotta save my paypal for elways and OU stuff lol.
Haha I mean a trade offer
I'd like a shot at the lamichael...
I also pulled a rg3 shadow slot in this box and just realized it !! It's ft kool and also I'm looking for a good saints card bv Af 35.00
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