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What is up with these? Beckett has had n/a for the pricing for a long time, there are only 3 on ebay which 2 are mine, I google them and there are zero websites with any listed, I check the official Panini checklist and they are not mentioned at all??????? Are these extremely rare or are they a bust?
There was a post about these about a week ago. I guess they are about 1 per blaster, so that does sound pretty rare to me.
Well I know it isnt one per blaster because I bought 12 and found only 2
It's retail only, but that's all I can find.
Ya thats all I could find out as well, I still see on that auction site is only the 2 I posted and one other
Well I have a Tim Duncan one. Thinking about throwing it out there. Not sure yet. Smile
Do it there are still only 3 on that auction site
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