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I have this very nice 10-11 The Cup Trios Patches Stamkos/St. Louis/Lecavalier 4/10. BV is N/A due to rarity...but on other trading sites i was given a selling range between $75-$150, depending on the patches. These are 3 color, 4 color, & 5 color respectively! So $150 for the awesome patches is what i'm looking for in sale value...but a trade for a Cup APR would suffice! Earlier this year another Cup Trios Patch of the same /10 went for $150 on ebay with similar patches!

Looking for a Cup APR /249 of any of these people (must be at least 3 colors) ...Jamie Benn, Brayden Schenn, Sergei Bobrovsky, Logan Couture, Cory Schneider, James Neal. Another deal fell through for a Benn i was needing...but this will be bait for another high ender!

I will negotiate my selling price if someone is interested in buying it.

Anyone have any offers?

I would also be interested in an RNH rookie of similar value....& will also look at any other interesting offers (just as long as it's not a bunch of low end stuff)!

Here's the scan of the Trios Patch :

[Image: Stamkos-StLouis-LecavalierCupTriosPatch.jpg]
Sick card! Congrats on the awesome bait!

Sweet looking card. I'm sure you'll catch something really nice using bait like that.
WOWOWOWOWOWO wish I had something are other deal feel through
If someone had the cash....there is a guy over on Ebay who has a very nice 09-10 Black Diamond Gold /10 Jamie Benn for a BIN $299. I've talked with him several times about a trade but he's not into my Trios Patch or the Modano in my other thread. He said he'd take $150 for it, but i don't have the cash right now. So if anyone out there is interested in doing it...get that Benn for me & either the Trios Patches 4/10 or the Modano 1/10 in my other thread is yours!

I will negotiate my price if someone wants to buy this Trios card!

The Trios Patch is gone!

Incoming - 08-09 The Cup Scripted Swatches Evgeni Malkin /25! BV is only $100 .....but the last Malkin sold for over $150! Sometimes it's not about BV's.
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