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I really need a cool, bad ***** Matt Schaub patch. Does anyone have one to trade me?
C'mon, someone must have one. It is what I am missing most from my Schaub pc. I have a nice Longevity patch but want a higher end...
Once more!
Not Schaub but it's a nice rare card for your PC. (4/10) I'm looking for Bucs or Bengals.

[Image: Faulk.jpg]
you wanna look thru my Bucs stuff and see if you need anything?
Not a schaub but thought you might like this

[Image: AE17C235-3ADB-49BB-AC07-B84C1E5ACBB6-152...1C464C.jpg]
I'll ask around my dealer buddies. Im sure I can locate something for ya Smile
I have a Schaub but its not a nasty one, /99
[Image: scan0016-2.jpg]
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