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Beckett Marketplace is running a $25 free shipping promotion for the Thanksgiving holiday (Nov.22 thru Nov.26). Most of us dealers will be participating in it.

thank you for the info. The shipping costs is what usually turns me away from Beckett Marketplace..

I do have one question.... What do we do when a Dealer does not respond to emails asking about cards they have for sale? I've sent three emails to a dealer asking for pictures of two Chronology "letter" cards, but I have not received a response after 2 1/2 weeks.. I want to verify what "letter" I will be buying. Don't want to buy duplicates of cards I already have.

I wish every card on Beckett Marketplace would have a picture to go with it.. for exact card you would be getting.. at least for cards over $50.. I understand some Dealers have a small operation & do not have manpower to scan & upload every card they sale.
I'd say if the dealer doesn't respond to your question, he loses a sale. That would be his choice.
Same if they don't scan their higher end cards.
I've already given up on the seller.. even though the two cards I want are serial to /99... I have no idea what the print run for each letter is... I am very close to spelling Slater Martin... I sold the "T"... but glad I got double what I paid for it.. now looking for a 2nd one...
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