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Happy turkey to you and yours. Hope all have a good one.

Here are a few new additions to my Fred Davis PC and auto PC.

Auto PC
[Image: 003-39.jpg]

Fred PC

[Image: 001-7.jpg]
Premier 3/5, Chrome 45/50.

And a true 1/1

[Image: 002-6.jpg]

Thanks for looking.
Fred is a little more popular than Dane.... Tongue

Sweet 1/1.....
(11-22-2012 03:03 PM)0264 roadrunner1964 Wrote: [ -> ]Fred is a little more popular than Dane.... Tongue

Sweet 1/1.....

Just a little bit, but with him getting hurt it just helped drop the price of his cards. Smile
Happy Turkey day to you and great letterman additions!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, mik! Hope you're getting stuffed. Big Grin

Awesome haul, but that isn't anything new for you. Wink Love the Chrome Fred Davis auto card. Refractor it looks like. The 1/1 is straight beautiful as well.
Great additions mik!! Love the lettemans
Gobble gobble!
good stuff! love that prime signatures 1/1!
Thanks for all the kudos folks. Now I gotta get all my 1/1's together and get them scanned. Smile
Very nice additions Mik especially the 1/1. Now if only I could find the Largent version...
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