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Been awhile since I busted a box. I went to an Earl Thomas signing at one of the LCS's near me. I decided to bust a box while I waited. I'm torn on this box.....did I do good? did I do bad? I dunno. Here are the pulls.

[Image: Scan109-1.jpg]

[Image: Scan110.jpeg]

[Image: Scan111.jpeg]

The Bush is out of that's pretty good.
I think you did alright. Could have been better but the Bush auto is pretty good.
That's a great box from 2006. Today,... it's okay.
I think you did good, if your going to get jersey's those aren't bad. GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!
Nice break sir. NWsportscards is a good shop. They have been around for a LONG time.
Nice bush
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