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After looking EVERY day for OVER 4 YEARS, tonight I found the card AND IT IS IN THE MAIL ON ITS WAY.

I collect nameplates of Dallas Cowboys from Threads. This is what I have:

[Image: 034e768e.jpg]

And I just found and bought this....

[Image: DEADD59F-A53B-4A18-B17F-AFADE2FDDF17-178...226CDD.jpg]


Now I am at 100% until this years Threads come out.
Sweet man, you might want to change the title though before the thread is deleted
Congrats man! I know you've been looking for a long time!
Thanks Branesergen!!

My wife laughed because of my really big *GASP* when I saw it online!
Congrats man! Youve been looking for that card ever since I joined this site it seems.
That is so awesome man! Congrats!!!
Sweet pick up!!! It's about darn time!!!!
Congratulations!!!! You deserve it. I'm glad you finally found it!!! Make sure you post the whole plate when you get it in.
Congratulations on finding the letter you needed. Your nameplates are awesome.
Grats man its a great feeling to complete something like that
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