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I know, I being lazy here, but besides the 2008 Bowman Chrome auto, anyone have suggestions for a good Giancarlo Don't-Call-Me-Mike-No-More Staton card to pick up?

I collect Stanton. -He doesn't have a 2008 Bowman Chrome auto. (You're probably thinking about his 2010 Topps Chrome auto, which is pretty popular and fairly common). Well worth picking one up if you can find one for under $40. I think there's actually a Triple Threads "Don't call me Mike" auto card (at the very least, I've seen the GU).

Personally, I like collecting the lower-numbered chrome parallels. The 2010 Topps Chrome Gold (auto) /50 is one of my favorite cards. I love the look of the golds- even better than the reds, which are /25.

You can get a pretty good deal (usually under $20, I believe) on the '11 Lineage autos. I think they're on-card too, but I can't say for sure.

EDIT-- I stand corrected. There is a '08 BC auto. I don't know what I was thinking.
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