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Full Version: The Price is right!
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Looking to add to my David Price PC, if you have anything you want to get rid of send an offer.

Here is a list of cards that I would really like to get my hands on soon.

2011 Topps Chrome- Blue, atomic, gold, red, black, Superfractor. Also any similar cards from the Topps set.

2011 Finest- red, purple, Superfractor.

2011 Allen & Ginter- All minis

2011 Gypsy Queen- All minis and regular

2012 Topps- any rare versions of card #80

2012 Finest- Atomic, Superfractor, print plates

2012 Bowman- Red, Silver Ice Red

2012 Bowman Chrome- Refractor, xfractor, green, purple, blue, gold, orange, Red, Superfractor

2012 Gypsy Queen- all but Black, queen back and regular mini
Bump! Looking for 2012 Finest and Bowman color.
I have the Platinum Gold and a few other base cards.
Bump, I added a list of a few cards I'm looking for.
I have a ton of Bowman chrome xfractor's I am moving on as I need to make space.
Saturday morning bump! Send offers if you have something interesting.
Bump it up!
check my org and see if you find anything
(12-25-2012 10:56 PM)chaparoni Wrote: [ -> ]check my org and see if you find anything

Nope nothing.
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