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Pulled this guy today in a hobby box of Chrome. Also got a Luck tall boy and base RG3 and Luck.

[Image: 2012-11-20_19-47-04_762.jpg]
Cool. Good for you, that is a nice looking card.
Oooh jealous! Big Grin The one relic I got from one of the boxes I got today (an actual name player ((Justin Blackmon))) was freakin damaged >_> Good pull anywhom!
Woah excellent Tanne.
Nice Tannehill man, those are such cool cards.
is it f/t?
(11-21-2012 01:37 PM)chasescardcave Wrote: [ -> ]is it f/t?
I'm going to hold onto it most likely but I'll listen to offers.
Do you guys think Tannehill is a guy worth getting graded?
Yes, he could be the next Dan Marino.
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