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i bought some A and G today and busted it just wondering they say that 301-350 is SPs but how many of those cards are actually produced? is there any way to find out. Is it like 5000 each?
i think it's much more than 500
There is a way to figure it out if they give the odds for getting the SPs and also the odds of getting a serial numbered card. Then it just becomes a quick math equation to figure it out.
For example:
If odds of getting an SP are 1:10, and there are 50 different SP cards in the set,
and odds of getting a card serial numbered to 25 are 1:250, and there are 100 cards in that set,
then the math would be
X*50/(1/10) = 25*100/(1/250)
Where X is the quantity of each of the 50 SP cards. Now solving for X, yields the following result:
X = 1250
wow thanks thats cool
Was that algebra there? Math is everywhere.
And that's bad because math isn't exactly my strong point. Really cool. They are every other pack in Ginter if I remember right.
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