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Another round of trades just mailed out. Let's get some deals done before this weekend. You know the drill by now looking for Yankee cards in this order.

1. Prospects
2. Current Roster Players
3. Fan Favorites

[Image: 11-19-12002.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12003.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12004.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12005.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12006.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12007.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12008.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12009.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12010.jpg]
[Image: 11-19-12011.jpg]


Also always willing to take in bulk for one card as long as I am in need of the cards. Some needs are marked.
Open offer sent. Thanks.
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