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Just like the title says, I need to increase the PayPal balance to help me land my fourth straight Neely Honorable Numbers (11-12), so the Photobucket's wide open, so is the org, and I'm ready to listen to offers on anything that I've got for trade. Nothing in any of my PC folders is available, just the traders.

Not looking for full BV on anything of course, but let's not get silly and try to buy a $100 card for $14, haha. Shoot me a PM if you see something you'd like.

Here's a look at a bunch of stuff...

First up, some inserts and parallels...

12-13 Upper Deck Clear-cut Pride - Henrik Lundqvist #/100
[Image: th_12-13UpperDeckClearCutPride-HenrikLundqvist.jpg]

12-13 O-Pee-Chee NHL patch TL1
[Image: th_11-12O-Pee-CheeTeamLogoPatchesNHL05-0...rimary.jpg]

11-13 Clear-cut Foundations Calgary #/25
[Image: th_11-12UpperDeckClearCutFoundationsCCF4.jpg]

11-12 Black Diamond Ruby parallel - Ryan Johansen #/100
[Image: th_11-12BlackDiamondRuby-RyanJohansen.jpg]

11-12 Black Diamond GOLD Rookie Gems parallel - Joe Vitale #/10
[Image: th_BDBreak-1.jpg]

11-12 Black Diamond GOLD base parallel - Tyler Myers #/10
[Image: th_11-12BlackDiamondGold-TylerMyers.jpg]

11-12 Upper Deck Rookie Breakouts Ryan Johansen and Brett Connolly, both #/100
[Image: th_11-12UpperDeckRookieBreakouts-RyanJohansen.jpg][Image: th_11-12UpperDeckSeries2RookieBreakouts-...nnolly.jpg]

Some stuff from the PC...

10-11 Artifacts Tundra Tandems Gold - Ovechkin/Malkin #/15
[Image: th_10-11ArtifactsTundraTandemsPatchesGol...Malkin.jpg]

10-11 SPx Winning Combos - Ovechkin/Green
[Image: th_10-11SPxWinningCombos-OvechkinandGreen.jpg]

11-12 Limited Net Presence Ovechkin/Thomas
[Image: th_11-12LimitedNetPresence-ThomasandOvechkin.jpg]

09-10 SPx Winning Combos - Ovechkin/Crosby
[Image: th_09-10SPxWinningCombos-CrosbyOvechkin.jpg]

10-11 Artifacts Tundra Tandems Emerald - Ovechkin/Backstrom
[Image: th_10-11ArtifactsTundraTandemsEmeraldOve...cstrom.jpg]

05-06 Upper Deck Rookie Materials - Alex Ovechkin
[Image: th_05-06UpperDeckRookieMaterials-AlexanderOvechkin.jpg]

09-10 The Cup Trios Patches - Crosby/Ovechkin/Malkin
[Image: th_09-10TheCupTriosPatches-CrosbyOvechkinMalkin.jpg]

10-11 Black Diamond Quad Jersey - Ovechkin
[Image: th_10-11BlackDiamondQuadJerseys-AlexOvec...45fd47.jpg]

09-10 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics - Ovechkin
[Image: th_09-10SPGameUsedAuthenticFabrics-AlexO...875b4e.jpg]

08-09 Trilogy Two Way Threads - Ovechkin
[Image: th_08-09TrilogyTwo-WayThreads-AlexOvechk...e78625.jpg]

08-09 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics - Ovechkin
[Image: th_08-09SPGameUsedAuthenticFabrics-AlexO...ae42cb.jpg]

09-10 SP Game Used Authentic Fabrics - Cam Neely
[Image: th_09-10SPGameUsedAuthenticFabricsPatch-CamNeely.jpg]

Some nice autographs...

10-11 Dominion Brass Bonanza - Ron Francis
[Image: th_2010-11DominionBrassBonanza-RonFrancis.jpg]

11-12 SP Game Used Extra Significance - Kesler & Hodgson
[Image: th_11-12SPGameUsedExtraSignificance-Kesl...odgson.jpg]

11-12 Contenders NHL Inks Gold - James Van Riemsdyk
[Image: th_11-12ContendersNHLInkGold-JamesvanRiemsdyk.jpg]

12-13 Score Hot Rookies Autograph - Robert Mayer
[Image: th_12-13ScoreHotRookiesAutograph-RobertMayer.jpg]

Some memorabilia...

12-13 Artifacts Tundra Trios Red Fight Straps - Brassard, Mason & Nash
[Image: th_12-13ArtifactsTundraTriosFightStrapsR...onNash.jpg]

12-13 Artifacts Emerald Jersey and Patch - Mike Modano
[Image: th_12-13ArtifactsEmeraldJerseyandPatch-MikeModano.jpg]

11-12 Titanium Six Star Memorabilia - Henrik Lundqvist
[Image: th_11-12TitaniumSixStarMemorabilia-HenrikLundqvist-.jpg]

11-12 Upper Deck Game Jersey - Steven Stamkos, Group A short print
[Image: th_11-12UpperDeckGameJersey-StevenStamkos.jpg]

and some autographed memorabilia...

07-08 SP Authentic Rookie Review Patch - Jarome Iginla
[Image: th_07-08SPAuthenticRookieReviewPatch-JaromeIginla.jpg]

12-13 Artifacts Emerald Autographed Jersey and Patch - Marian Hossa #/8
[Image: th_12-13ArtifactsEmeraldAutographedJerse...nHossa.jpg]

11-12 Game Worn Gear Autographed Prime - Marian Gaborik
[Image: th_11-12TitaniumGameWornGearAutographedP...aborik.jpg]

11-12 Crown Royale Coat of Arms Autographed Patch - Jonas Gustavsson #/10
[Image: th_11-12CrownRoyaleCoatofArmsAutographed...avsson.jpg]

If you don't see anything that catches your eye, everything else in the "Cards for Trade or Sale" section of my Photobucet is available.
PM Sent
No idea how I missed both your post and PM, I'm sure I saw it, but for whatever reason forgot to reply. Going to do that now!
Alrighty, I've landed the Neely, but still got a bunch of stuff available. Check it out and shoot me a trade or sale offer! I also bumped up me want-list for my all-time greats PC, if you have anything I need, drop me a line!
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