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Hey everyone, was wanting to find out what 2 cards in your PC nomatter the player are your favorite, post some photos.... These are 2 of my favorite cards in my mj PC, I have wanted both these cards ever since I first started collecting mj inserts in the 90's now almost 20 years later I now own them and are my all time favorite cards [Image: image_zps326161a0.jpg]
Those are two great ones! ^^

These are my two favorite cards that I own. The first card was my first MJ auto. Picked it up for a fracton of what it would go for now. When looking for the auto it had to be #'rd/Jry/BGS9+. The only thing better is if it was an on card.

And the next card is one that I ALWAYS wanted growing up as a kid. Never thought I would get a chance to own one.

[Image: DSC_0038.jpg]
[Image: DSC_0035.jpg]
[Image: STA60060.jpg]

and front/back
[Image: E8-3a.jpg][Image: E83b.jpg]
That mj auto is awesome 7/10!!!! I've started collecting mj autos now also you can never go wrong with that investment Wink
I actually have three:

The Jordan Rookie Card b/c of its iconic status... My two favorite, design wise, are the Cut Above and Noyz Boyz... I also love the Golden Touch.

[Image: 2012-10-2620-49page6_zps241da277.jpg]

[Image: photo2_zpsdfcc6094.jpg]

[Image: 2012-10-2620-49page8_zps9b41ea18.jpg]
[Image: P1020386.jpg]

[Image: P1020287.jpg]
Will every time you put that Chronology MJ auto up I literally come close to drooling. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful cards ever produced- any era, any sport.
My two all time favorite athletes are Michael Jordan & Randy Moss... So these are my two favorite PC cards!

[Image: MJBENRC.jpg]

[Image: mosscardsineed7.jpg]

[Image: mjmoss.jpg]
Some great cards in here!!!
Wow!! That Jordan is prolly one of the most beautiful cards I've ever seen.. Very Nice!!
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