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Alright Mods..I figured out how to use the ORG and placed these for sale there.

There is more stuff for sale in my bucket or you can check my org!

Well below eBay...the 2 BGS cards are $60 sv alone...Booklet /5 easily puts you over the lot price....

$75 DLVD
Sick Booklet #'d 3/5
[Image: zzzz234234.jpg]
[Image: zzzzz2134234.jpg]
[Image: zzz2341.jpg]
[Image: stephenhill1BGS10.jpg]
[Image: stephenhill2BGS10.jpg]
[Image: powell1.jpg]

Booklet /399 w/ one dinged corner
[Image: zzzz111234.jpg]

Throw ins:
[Image: ZZRG3.jpg]

Eagles Lot $95 DLVD
[Image: mcnabb.jpg]
[Image: LeSeanMcCoypatch.jpg]

Throw in w/ Eagles Lot:
[Image: zzzsasdf.jpg]
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