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I am looking to trade towards other nice star autos mid-highend in baseball (preferred) and football. Willing to trade down on some of my higher cards depending on how many I take and what they are in my favor. I'm not interested in taking low end cards or doing low end trades at all for that matter. Feel free to leave buckets/tradelists or send pms, open offers. Thanks.

If you see something and its not listed for some reason let me know and I'll go through and double check its marked FT.

Mickey Mantle 2001 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Jerseys (Dual Pinstripe) SP
[Image: MantleMickeyLegendsJsySP.jpg]

Ty Cobb 2008 Triple Threads Emerald 6x Bat /18
[Image: CobbTyTTTBat.jpg]

Whitey Ford 2009 Topps Sterling 8x Jersey Autograph /10
[Image: FordWhitey8xJsyAuto_zps923b7cbe.jpg]

Brad Holt 2011 Bowman Platinum Green Refractor Autograph RC $10
[Image: HoltBradPlatinumAuto.jpg]

Ichiro Suzuki 2004 Sweet Spot Signatures Autograph (VHTG)
[Image: IchiroSuzukiSSAUTO.jpg]

Honus Wagner 2008 Triple Threads Emerald 6x Jersey /18#d
[Image: WagnerHonusTTTJsy.jpg]

Ryan Braun 2005 Bowman Sterling Autograph BGS 9.5 RC
[Image: BraunRyanSterlingBGS95Auto.jpg]

Dez Bryant 2010 Contenders Autograph BGS 9.5 RC
[Image: BryantDezContAutoBGS.jpg]

Andy Dalton 2011 Bowman Sterling Blue Refractor Auto Jersey /99 RC
[Image: DaltonAndyBlueJsyAutoRC.jpg]

Michael Crabtree 2009 SP Authentic Patch (4 Color) Autograph RC
[Image: CrabtreeMichaelSPAPatchAuto.jpg]

Blaine Gabbert 2011 Contenders Autograph RC
[Image: GabbertBlaineContAuto.jpg]

Blaine Gabbert 2011 Topps Give Star Gold Patch (2 Color) Autograph /55#d RC
[Image: GabbertBlaineFiveStarAuto.jpg]

Alex Green 2011 Crown Royale Patch (2 Color ) Autograph RC
[Image: GreenAlexCRPatchAuto.jpg]

Alex Green 2011 National Treasures Dual Prime Patch (1/2 Color) /25#d RC
[Image: GreenAlexNTAutoPatch.jpg]

Rob Gronkowski 2011 Topps Unrivaled Jumbo Prime Patch (2 Color) Autograph /15#d RC

Leonard Hankerson 2011 Contenders Autograph RC
[Image: HankersonLeonardContAuto-1.jpg]

Percy Harvin 2009 Donruss Threads Letter (N) Patch Autograph RC
[Image: HarvinPercyLetterAuto-1.jpg]

Taiwan Jones 2011 Inception Patch (2 Color) Autograph RC
[Image: JonesTaiwanAutoPatch.jpg]

Stanley Havili 2011 Absolute Spectrum Autograph RC
[Image: HaviliStanleyAuto.jpg]

Sam Bradford 2011 Finest Patch (2 Color) Autograph RC
[Image: BradfordSamFinestAutoPatch.jpg]

Sam Bradford 2011 Leaf Certified Dual Jersey Autograph RC
[Image: BradfordSamCertAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Sam Bradford 2011 Topps Unrivaled Autograph RC
[Image: BradfordSAmUnrivaledAuto-1.jpg]

Jamaal Charles 2008 Exquisite Silver Patch (3 Color) Autograph /75 RC
[Image: CharlesJamaalExqAutoPatch.jpg]

Mark Ingram 2011 Plates & Patches Patch (3 Color) Autograph RC
[Image: IngramMarkAutoPatch.jpg]

Greg Jennings 2006 Ultimate Autograph RC BGS 8.5
[Image: JenningsGregUltAutorc.jpg]

Chris Johnson 2008 Bowman Sterling Jersey Autograph RC
[Image: JohnsonChrisSterlingJsyAuto.jpg]

Chris Johnson 2008 Topps Rookie Progression Autograph RC
[Image: JohnsonChrisToppsAuto.jpg]

Chris Johnson 2008 Topps Chrome Autograph RC
[Image: JohnsonChrisToppsChromeAuto.jpg]

Jake Locker 2011 Press Pass Head of the Class Autograph /25#d RC
[Image: LockerJakePPAuto-1.jpg]

Jake Locker 2011 Ultimate Draft Helmet Autograph /49#d RC
[Image: LockerJakeUltimateAuto.jpg]

Von Miller 2011 Sage Silver Autograph RC
[Image: MillerVonSAGEAutob.jpg]

Jordy Nelson Upper Deck Game Day Gear Jersey
[Image: NelsonJordyJsy.jpg]

Cam Newton 2011 National Treasures NFL Gear Dual Prime Patch (2/1 Color) /50 RC
[Image: NewtonCamNTDualPatch.jpg]

Cam Newton 2011 Certified Dual Jersey Autograph RC
[Image: NewtonCamCert2xJsyAuto.jpg]

Cam Newton 2011 Topps Supreme Blue Autograph RC
[Image: NewtonCamSupremeAutoRC.jpg]

Jason Pierre Paul 2012 Topps Precision Gold Autograph /50
[Image: PierrePaulJasonAuto.jpg]

Jimmy Smith 2011 Threads Silver Autograph RC
[Image: SmithJimmyThreadsAuto.jpg]

Torrey Smith 2011 Rookies & Stars Rookie Orientation Autograph Jersey /25#d RC
[Image: SmithTorreyFOAutoJsy-1.jpg]

Torrey Smith 2011 SP Authentic Patch (1 Color) Autograph RC
[Image: SmithTorreySPAAutob-1.jpg]

Demaryius Thomas/CJ Spiller/Best 2011 Limited Draft Trios Prime Tag/Patch /25#d (Spiller JSY Number) RC
[Image: SpillerBestThomasTriplePrime.jpg]

CJ Spiller 2011 Contenders Autograph RC
[Image: SpillerCjContAuto.jpg]

Ndamukong Suh 2010 Contenders Autograph RC
[Image: SuhNdamukongContAuto.jpg]

Ndamukong Suh 2010 Limited Patch (2 Color) Autograph RC
[Image: SuhNdamukongLimitedAuto.jpg]

Ladainian Tomlinson 2011 Gridiron Gear O's Jersey
[Image: TomlinsonLadainianGGJersey.jpg]

Julio Jones 2011 Inception Jumbo Patch (3 Color) Autograph /25#d RC
[Image: JonesJulioInceptionAuto.jpg]

Andre Johnson 2011 Crown Royale Majestic Materials Jersey
[Image: JohnsonAndreCRJsy.jpg]

Andre Caldwell Bowman Chrome Autograph RC
[Image: CaldwellAndreBCAuto.jpg]

Maurice Jones Drew 2011 Gridiron Gear NFL Nation Jersey
[Image: DrewMauriceJonesJersey.jpg]

Deandre McDaniel 2011 Prestige Autograph RC
[Image: McDanielDeAndreAuto.jpg]

Ladainian Tomlinson 2011 Rookies & Stars Emerald Prime Patch (1 Color)
[Image: TomlinsonLadainianRSJsy.jpg]

Michael Vick 2011 Topps Five Star Triple Jersey Autograph
[Image: VickMichaelFivestarAuto.jpg]

Michael Vick 2004 Sweet Sigs Ball Autograph
[Image: VickMichaelSSAuto.jpg]

Mike Wallace 2009 Contenders College Ticket SP Autograph
[Image: WallaceMikeContAutoRC.jpg]
Lets get some more of those open offers turned into trades. Smile
What sort of thing would you be looking for on the Ichiro auto?
Just looking for nice star autos in baseball mainly that catch my eye. Recently had to sell most my baseball collection so have tons of holes to fill.
Well, I'd be willing to break into my PC for it, anyone in particular you're after?
Its going to take me sometime to get through all your stuff since for some reason none of the filters for sorting through orgs work anymore.
Now that the filter functions are back up lets get some more open offers sent to me so I can get some trading done. Smile
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