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Full Version: Cancer took my Mom
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Mom my passed on august 29th after a 4 year fight with metastatic her2 positive breast cancer. it had traveled from breast, to liver, to her spine, eventually destroying her vertebrae, breaking her back in july, essentially snapping her spine at a 45 degree angle.2 back surgeries in august, but her body just couldnt do any more. i traveled from boston to tallahassee on the 28th after he had a cardiac arrest. her brain had been without oxygen for well over 20 minutes, and the damage to her brain was massive. I had the docs pull the plug at 9pm, and the docs said she would only last 15 minutes, at most. 10 hours later, she finally passed. the sweetest lady, and the toughest broad ive ever known

every day is hard. every bleeping day.

im so sorry for your loss, and when i say i can understand, i completely understand

bleep cancer...bleep it all to hell
First time I seen this thread. I feel your pain and also feel sorrow within your loss.
I'm sorry man. I hope you feel better with time and I'm glad you have your wife to help you get though this. If you need to vent, in the few months I've been hear i learned that this is an easy going open community.
Agreed, stera8.
I'm sorry for your loss. It's been a truly crappy day here too, as my grandmother died in her sleep this morning. She had been suffering congestive heart failure for 18 months.

It's good to know how many people on here care for each other.
very sorry for your loss, nothing can ever fill that void. We're all here for you, prayers go out to your family
I'm sorry to hear, pacrimcollectibles. We do care for each other on here, you're right.
Thanks for the kind words everyone. Jacoby, I knew of your Mom and knew you could relate. Pacrimcollecibles, sorry for your hurt too.

My Mom was as prepared as she could be. I won't go into details but will say she was anxious to be received with open arms by her Lord and Savior and be reunited with my Dad who we lost two years ago and her brother who we lost two months ago.

I have a co-worker going through the same scenario this weekend with her father-in-law. Our three person department will be two people short this week as we both mourn our losses.

End cancer.
So sorry to hear...Prayers to you and your family.
Lost my Mom 20+ years ago to cancer and my sister to cancer 3 years ago..
Understand all on hear who have had to deal with these issues..
The Lord has them now..God Bless you and your family,,
So sorry for your loss. I too lost my mother to cancer. It will be eight years Dec. 20th. She was 47 and my best friend. My condolences to you and your family. The loss of a family member is never easy and even worse during the holidays. Its a pittance and I don't have much, but check my org and if there's anything you want, anything at all, LMK and I'll send it to you so that you have another mail day to take your mind off of what you're going through, if only for a short moment. Blessings and peace to you. Steve
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