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I was looking in my drawer and I find a Kobe Bryant card(Kobe Bryant YIR 1998-99 UD Choice Reserve #186) and I just wanted to know if it has any value or how much its going for??? please let me know.thanks!

And it looks to be in mint condition
It depends on which one. Is it s/n 100? If not then it's only going to net you $2 or less IMO. It also depends on what condition the card is currently in. If the card has scratches, soft corners, etc, then it could just as well be worthless. Good luck
Its s/n 100. and yes its in mint condition
You are looking at $150-$190, depending on the condition.
Oh ok. Thanks! can I just sell it or do I need to grade it first?? Im new to this so my apologies.
If it grades 9.5 or higher, you are looking at an increase in value; however, don't think it's going to make you rich, so to speak.
Oh sounds good. Lol I'm well aware of that. When I get it beckett graded, then should i sell it or what do you suggest I should do??
I guess if you don't want it, listed on The Bay. Or ask anyone in this forum if they are interested. Lots of Kobe Collectors around here, you should have no issues selling it or trading it.
Alright man thanks alot for your help. Would you be interested in my card? Ill post up some pictures of it so you can see whether or not its in mint condition.
I am not interested only b/c I collect MJs... However, upload pictures so that we can give you advice with regards to the condition.
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