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i'm putting a few lot of inserts together. i'm starting with some star players and will be doing teams later. here are my first few. i will be adding more as the weekend goes on. are trading will only be for my pc players (see sig). asking prices are less then 1/2 bv. shipping is $2 for 1 or more. pm me or reply. paypal only. now breaking up lots if interested.

cabrera lot- 12
[Image: img243.jpg]

posey- 10
[Image: img244.jpg]

verlander- 12
[Image: img259.jpg]

cobb- 6
[Image: img256.jpg]

nolan ryan- 10 (bottom left is topps reprint)
[Image: img261.jpg]

fisk- 10
[Image: img246.jpg]

ackley- 20
[Image: img248.jpg]

longoria- 14
[Image: img247.jpg]

mantle- 10(i'll also include 19 more mantle inserts from topps from 2006-2010)
[Image: img258.jpg]
Any Griffey lots?
PM sent
(11-18-2012 09:33 AM)jdberia Wrote: [ -> ]Any Griffey lots?
I will. It wont be very big though. I have a nice ichiro one I'm putting together.

Pujols trout and a-rod are pending.
Let me know on both of those. Any Randy Johnson? Thanks.
Im looking for matt holliday any of his cards rockies a's or cardinals lmk what u got thanks
i might be interested in the griffey as well
Darvish- 8
[Image: img263.jpg]

machado- 10
[Image: img265.jpg]

ichiro- 16
chrome x-fractor is not part of lot
[Image: img252.jpg]
[Image: img262.jpg]

starlin castro- 6
[Image: img268.jpg]

sandoval- 3
[Image: img274-1.jpg]

bumgarner- 3
[Image: img253.jpg]
lowered some prices and here's some more

profar- 5
[Image: img271.jpg]

tulowitzki- 8
[Image: img269.jpg]

howard- 6
[Image: img275.jpg]

holliday- 5
[Image: img273.jpg]

ethier- 5
[Image: img267.jpg]

montero- 8
[Image: img266.jpg]

mauer- 7
[Image: img278.jpg]

king felix- 3
[Image: img281.jpg]

randy johnson- 3 (200 topps is original back cymto reprint)
[Image: img276.jpg]
Interested in the Griffey lot
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