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since photobucket "upgraded" i have not been able to use it at all. is there somewhere else that is better for loading scans into?
there is an option on the site to switch back to the old version.
i clicked on that and it wouldnt do anything
Huh. Not sure what the deal is. It worked when i did it a few days ago. Maybe they are having site issues with so many people wanting to switch backSmile
I couldn't even see anything, i even had trouble signing in.
I've always had good luck with major photo hosting site for reddit and can make albums public and private
Yeah I can't see anything either. I see the page for a couple seconds, then it turns white.
What browser are you guys using? I use firefox and im not having any problem getting on the site.
i couldnt get anything on IE but ow i'm using google chrome and having no problems
Thats good. Must be an IE thing?
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