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I have a few unopened boxes of cards, and I can't figure out if I would be better off opening them and checking the cards inside or leaving them sealed. These are the sealed boxes I have:
1998 Topps Finest Series 1 MLB
1993-94 SkyBox Premium Series 2 NBA
1991 Fleer Baseball
1991 Upper Deck Baseball Complete Set

Does anyone know if I should open these or leave them sealed? Or a place where I can find that information?

Thank You!
I would open the 1991 fleer just to see all the yellowness.
I am not sure it really matters for the 1991's. The 1998 Finest have a lot of nice #'d cards. Not sure on the odds of pulling one
I'd open them up. Finest and Skybox might have some good stuff, so I'd open them for that. The '91s you probably couldn't get more than $15-$25 for the box.
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