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Was out today doing some shopping and decided I would bust a few packs of this years Upper Deck Series 1.

Here's the damage.

[Image: 2012-13UDSeries1.jpg]
All of the above cards are FT.

Onto the top 4 hits from my random packs.

#4 - Canvas Brodeur (PC)
[Image: 2012-13UpperDeckCanvasC50MartinBrodeur.jpg]

#3 - Canvas Checklist (PC)
[Image: 2012-13UpperDeckCanvasC90SidneyCrosby-St...Giroux.jpg]

#2 - Silver Skates Messier SP (FT)
[Image: 2012-13UpperDeckSilverSkatesSS35MarkMessierSP.jpg]

#1 - Chris Kreider YG (PC)
[Image: 2012-13UpperDeck237ChrisKreiderYGRC.jpg]

Overall pretty happy with that packs.

Decent stuff! 5 YG and 3 Canvas in 13 packs, is a great effort!
nice, you almost got the whole box worth of YG's there
Nice stamkos
you did very well for only 13 packs! congrats
Very nice! Congrats!
so do they no longer have the MVP series and just include it as inserts like they do with the ICE line now?
Very nice hits, Chris! Congrats on the great break!

Interested in your Young Guns that are for trade. Offer coming over
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