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Full Version: Topps Five Star help
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Someone please enlighten me. What is the difference in these three cards besides the serial numbers?

I bought this one mostly because it looked like it has very little chipping. It's #'ed to 97

This one is to 55

And this one to 25

The color and patch are all the same on every example of these cards that I have seen. So tell me what am I missing? I mean if there is no difference why would I pay more fore the lower serial #'s?
I think te foil around the swatch is a different color.
Ok the 55 has gold but the 25 and 97 are silver.
My guess is the 25 is "platinum". Or something. Prob looks more line a refractor then plain silver. Just a guess.
Yeah, I think #/25 would be platnium, and the foil will be rainbow-looking when you get it in the light.
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