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I was just curious we all know pack searchers exsist and suck but I'm curious what are some of the great pulls we all got from packs at Walmart target ect that those damned ole pack searchers missed this is my favorite from Walmart

[Image: 055B8BF1-C677-4C0F-8801-90702DC193C2-119...b67e4a.jpg]
sick retail pull. dont think they could have pack searched for this though. which is why Topps needs to go to all on card autos! is it gonna be FT??
I actually got a matt kemp jersey card from a pack of 09 upper deck that was already opened. It was sitting opened at the top and i saw the thickness and figured why not.
I got the ryan howard framed auto out of T206 from Dicks in a rack pack

2012 Gypsy queen penny card of Carew out of a blaster in Toys R US
Oh man, sweet pull!!!
(11-18-2012 02:09 PM)nyyankeesfan28 Wrote: [ -> ]Oh man, sweet pull!!!

Thanks I almost had a heart attack best 3 bucks ever spent lol
Very true!
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