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Full Version: trading (scans)
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looking for mini twins golds for these golds (mini)
and anything interesting for the others
[Image: moustakasgoldmini.jpg]
[Image: darvishminirc.jpg]
[Image: baygoldmini.jpg]
[Image: canojeterref.jpg]

[Image: trentrichardsontc.jpg]
[Image: tannenhilltcrc.jpg]
[Image: lemichaeljamesredzone.jpg]

[Image: taylorguerrieriauto.jpg]
[Image: adamwarrenauto.jpg]
more ft
[Image: bjuptonsweetspotbarrellauto.jpg]
[Image: morneauheritageblackref.jpg]
trout tc black ref
[Image: trouttcblackref.jpg]
[Image: ripkenstampauto.jpg]
mantle mini
[Image: mantletoppsmini.jpg]
Offer sent!!
Like the Ripken if you can find enough?
Check me for the Black Trout. I need it!!
elberson-sorry didn't see anything right now,thank you though

davidbakansas-sorry didn't see anything for the trout,but i do like all of your lance parrish autos
I like the Upton auto as well as Ripken
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