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Hello All,

I would post pictures of my recent pickups but there seems to be an issue with Photobucket. I will not be uploading anytime soon due to work and coaching duties. I had a great time at the Expo. The 1st item completed my set from 2004-05 ITG Franchises. I saw it on the table and it is only has a BV of $5.00. I was willing to pay double so I can finally put the set to bed. When they told me it was $1.00 I could not get the money out quick enough. It was a Boxtopper of the Calgary Flames.

I was able to pickup many set cards, PC items and traders. The tradeable cards are in my org and ready for trade. IF PB ever works for me I will post pixs.

Take care,
So cool that you were able to pick up a set killer... and for so cheap, too! Congrats on the pick-ups, and we will get a deal done soon!

looking forward to seeing pictures

and congrats on finishing up the set
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