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Full Version: Blaster hot box?
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Bought five boxes of 2012 Bowman Chrome from WalMart. One box had all x-fractors except for one refractor and a non-refractor prospect auto (Andrew Chafin). Is this a collating mistake or are there hot boxes in the system? Thanks.
i believe one box per case is a hot box I read about someone on blowoutcards having the same thing. nice surprise I'm sure!
That sure would be a cool surprise. Congrats on your good fortune!
They are a good surprise! They did the same thing with 2012 Topps Chrome, only it was all purple refractors with the occassional xfractor and refractor in it. I opened 3 TC and 1 BC blasters. One TC blaster was a hotbox and the BC was a hotbox as well. I did fairly decent with retail this year
Yeah, there are X-Fractor hot blasters at retail, like there are refractor hot boxes at hobby.
Definitely a surprise. Just wish the 'graph would have been a superfractor auto of an up and coming stud!
I got one of the chrome hot boxes all purple also last year I got a box full of short prints in update it was sweet
Box of SPs sounds awesome! Was there an SP in each pack or was every card an SP?
(11-17-2012 03:07 PM)nyyankeesfan28 Wrote: [ -> ]Box of SPs sounds awesome! Was there an SP in each pack or was every card an SP?

Every card except for a couple rookies one was a mike trout
Man, that is an awesome blaster, Blury1!
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