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Not sure why, but I pull more TE cards than anyone I know...wish it could have been an RGIII!

Pleased overall though. I like Chrome, but especially enjoy the refractors this year. Not sure why, they usually make me want to scream with the 703 variations of the same card.

Base rookies
[Image: img747.jpg]

James Refractor, Pierce & Martin Xfractors, Barron Purple /499 (for PBean), nice Hillman with the 34 jersey!...pulled both SJax from the same pack Xfractor and Camo /499. (likey the Camo!)

[Image: img748.jpg]

Oh, and this... yep, you guessed it. Seriously??

[Image: img749.jpg]
Love the Steven Jackson camo... try me for it. Thx.
Justin Blackmon - END? Split end?
Ws the blaster from Tarsget?
I would ask to trade for the Jacksons, but alas, I have nothing to trade!

Good break, nonetheless!
If the Orson Charles isn't gone already, I'd like a shot at it...
The blasters sure are nice..... Big Grin
not bad
Thanks for the comments everyone. Not really up for trading at the moment, too much other stuff to do.

(11-16-2012 08:28 AM)ugameck Wrote: [ -> ]Justin Blackmon - END? Split end?

LOL!! Was wondering the exact same thing. Wide end?

(11-16-2012 09:09 AM)BANKSJ Wrote: [ -> ]Ws the blaster from Tarsget?

Yes, from Target.

(11-16-2012 05:03 PM)nineof Wrote: [ -> ]If the Orson Charles isn't gone already, I'd like a shot at it...

It's gone. To NY.

(11-16-2012 06:14 PM)mik253 Wrote: [ -> ]The blasters sure are nice..... Big Grin

Yeah, yeah...
(11-16-2012 08:56 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]It's gone. To NY.

Dang it. Can't catch a break this week. Wink
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