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Full Version: Ray Allen /22?
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So was going through an old box of cards and stumbled upon this Ray Allen Fleer Ultra Triple Double Trouble jersey that has 13/22 written on the card. For as long as I can remember it's been there. I looked on here but they don't show it being serial numbered. Searched the web but couldn't find anything. Thought maybe it'd be a buyback but doesn't say that on back of card. Year is supposed 2001-02. Any help?
Did you pull it out of a pack? If not and it came from someone else, maybe they wrote it to make it appear to be rare?
From the look of the card, someone ruined it. Unfortunately that's not how a card would look if it was a buyback. Besides, buybacks are used for auto's not game used cards. Hopefully you can find a person that doesn't care about the damage to the card.
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