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In your opinion, what company/brand makes the best true rookie card to have nowadays?

I stepped away from the hobby for a few years and i've noticed a few things have changed. In the past, SP Authentic rookie authentics auto patch were considered the best true rookie cards to own... Now it seems as though that may have changed a bit. I noticed SP Authentic no longer has players in their NFL jerseys, which could definitely change a lot. It has certainly turned me off of their product.

With that being said, I was always a big fan of Topps Chrome. There always seems to be a huge following of their cards and they seem to hold their value very well. Off the top of my head, I would probably say Topps Chrome is the most attractive autographed true rookie card to own. The only other rookie cards that I remember being popular were the contenders.

In your opinion, what is the best brand around today for autographed true rookie cards that holds its value best and is held in high regard throughout the hobby?
Well it's basically only 2 companies now Topss and Panini

IMO Panini seems to do better with the High End stuff and Topps does basic and mid level pretty good. So really depends on your price point and what you can afford.
Does Topps have more than one RC for some players?
(11-16-2012 02:46 PM)jonathani Wrote: [ -> ]Does Topps have more than one RC for some players?

They may have Short Printed versions. Love your avatar logo too Big Grin
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