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Ok guys. Some of you chimed in on my other post regarding this card. Thanks!

I got mixed comments from all. Wasn't comfortable with what was posted as I did use an iPad to take the photos.

I bought a laptop and scanner. Hopefully these pics will better justify my reasoning on why I felt and still feel this could bring in a SOLID 9 grade.

Your thoughts on these areas:

surface: any specs are from scanner. The surface is flawless other than the eagle eye on front and back.

overall grade?

Thanks in advance everyone...
[Image: MJRookie-1.jpg]

[Image: back-1.jpg]
That card is beautiful. Knowing BGS, they will hit you with the centering and edges. I would love to see this card get a 9, but... Its more likely an 8-8.5 tops.
(11-15-2012 07:18 PM)kenarm79 Wrote: [ -> ]That card is beautiful. Knowing BGS, they will hit you with the centering and edges. I would love to see this card get a 9, but... Its more likely an 8-8.5 tops.

+1 I agree with Kenarm also get a magnifying glass and check the surface real well I had one I sent in that would have got a 9 or better but I missed a small spot on the edge where it looked like someone had tried to erase a small ink pen mark and they graded mine as altered.
I think the centering might be your downfall, other than that it looks pretty sharp in the scans.
It all looks fine except that centering and the bottom corners. You will get an 8 on centering... even if you get a 10 on every other subgrade... the highest your grade can be is 0.5 higher than your lowest subgrade.

The centering alone will keep you from a 9, in my opinion. In a total of 5 BGS submissions I have sent 3 Jordan RC cards to BGS. Here is the best one I had and it was graded in 2000 and relslabbed later....

[Image: keepers_0006-2.jpg]

The centering on this one is an 8.5 and it is close... ???

I still think corners or centering will keep you from a 9.
that top left corner is still bugging me, what does it look like in person? i would fear how the graders are going to judge the edges and corners. its hard to tell from scans, but it looks like it has been cut since the corner is off. centering and surface look to be pretty good but if you send it in and get it graded, and it comes back unaltered, i would fear getting a 6-7 on the corners grade due to the front top left corner.
Bro I honestly HOPE you get a BGS 9.... But I highly doubt you will!

Centering is 8.5 at BEST, left corner will give u 8.5 corners, edges have some light wear, and the back surface has an undeniably noticeable print dot. So if I were u don't get your hopes to high for a BGS 9.

But either way you did great considering the price u got it at! Hard to believe there are still raw Jordan RC's in that kinda condition! Amazing to think about!

Good luck and beautiful card no matter!
Great addition!!! Amazing to see a nice raw MJ out there as Bengu said.

Here is my BGS 8.5 for comparison. I think you may get hit hard on the corners for the top left just as i did for the bottom right. My bigger concern is the L/R centering. It looks close, maybe a hair more to the right that the 8 below with 8.5 centering. Even with 9 edges and 9 surface and 8.5 for both corners and centering you're looking at an 8.5 holder. I think more realistic would be 8 centering, 8 corners, 9 edges and 9? surface (hard to tell). Expect an 8 and hope for an 8.5. BGS always hits you on surface for those old raw fleers. Either way, stunning pick up and enjoy!!!!

[Image: 86MJ.jpg]
After further review... my biggest concern would be the Top Left Corner (that looks shady compared to all other corners) and the centering.

A BGS 8.5 at BEST... But, I believe it will be an 8

At any rate, that is a stunning looking RAW Michael Jordan Rookie Card. Good Luck and Enjoy the BEST card in the hobby
BTW, you are still looking at a $850 - $1,100.00 card, depending on what it grades.
I seen someone who had a BGS 9 with subs 9.5, 9.5, 9, 9 .... What is the current market on high end BGS 9's like that? Anyone know?
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