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I hadn't planned to do this but every A&G I've opened has had another card of his I didn't have.

I'm in need of the Red Back, Red Ink auto, printing plates and 1/1 wood mini to complete the set.

If you have ANY of these I will trade in your favor or buy.

If you know where I can find any of these (not on ebay or comc) I will give you a bonus, either cash (which is just as good as money) or a nice auto card for your diligence.
I located a red ink auto...but the guy that has it is military and in korea until september of next year. also located a red back a&g but no luck so far getting a hold of the owner. if anyone has any unripped cards, RIP THEM and please let me get the zach britton wood mini that I hope you find inside.
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