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Full Version: Lot has been sold.
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Looking to move this lot. Looking to sell it for $950 OBO. Feel free to send me a reasonable offer on the lot.

Roy Halladay Auto
[Image: HalladayRoyTierAuto-1.jpg]

Josh Hamilton Auto Jersey
[Image: HamiltonJoshTributeJsyAuto.jpg]

Josh Hamilton Auto Jersey /50
[Image: HamiltonJoshTTTAutoBat.jpg]

Oswaldo Arcia Gold Auto RC
[Image: ArciaOswaldoGoldAuto.jpg]

Dustin Pedroia Auto Jsy
[Image: PedroiaDustinAutoJsy.jpg]

Dustin Pedroia Auto Jersey RC
[Image: PedroiaDustinSterlingAutoJsy.jpg]

Hunter Pence Auto RC
[Image: PenceHunterSPAutoRC.jpg]

Cal Ripken 4x Jersey Auto
[Image: RipkenCalQuadJsyAuto.jpg]

Jackie Robinson 2x Jersey
[Image: RobinsonJackieTributeJsy.jpg]

Enos Slaughter Auto
[Image: SlaughterEnosToppsAutoRC.jpg]

Frank Thomas Jersey Auto
[Image: ThomasFrankTTAutoJsy.jpg]

Mark Trumbo Auto
[Image: TrumboMarkTierOneAuto.jpg]

Joey Votto Blue Auto RC
[Image: VottoJoeyTristarAutoRC.jpg]

Braun/Holliday/Pence Platinum 1/1 Triple Patch
[Image: BraunPenceHollidayTTT1of1-1.jpg]

Johnny Cueto Auto RC
[Image: CuetoJohnnyAutoRC.jpg]

Jake McGee Blue Auto RC
[Image: McGeeJakeBCBlueAuto.jpg]

David Wright Gold Jsy Auto /20
[Image: WrightDavidGoldAutoJsy.jpg]

Ted Williams Jsy 2x /50
[Image: WilliamsTedAmericanaJsy.jpg]

Chris Sale Auto RC
[Image: SaleChrisSterlingAuto.jpg]

Freddie Freeman Blue Auto RC
[Image: FreemanFreddieBCBlueAuto-1.jpg]

Mike Schmidt Auto Ball /40
[Image: SChmidtMikeSSAuto-1.jpg]

Duke Snider Auto
[Image: SniderDukeAuto206.jpg]

Josh Bell Ref Auto RC
[Image: BellJoshBCRefAuto.jpg]

Bob Gibson Auto
[Image: GibsonBobFinestAuto.jpg]

Nolan Ryan Auto Jsy /30
[Image: RyanNolanAutoJsy.jpg]

Dennis Eckersley Auto Inscribed
[Image: EckersleyDennisAuto.jpg]
Would you sell the Trumbo and the Freeman seperately?
I'd consider breaking it up. Shot you a pm.
(11-15-2012 11:25 PM)roger rabbit Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't you trade that Ellsbury to me?

I did trade you the Ellsbury. The one pictured is Pedroia.
Would you be able to send me a trade offer with all these cards listed? Just want to look at what's available a little more closely without having to search for each one...but I'm interested...
They are all available for sale still. I added them all into org and marked them all FS already. Unless the system didn't save all of them as being marked. I notice that happens a lot.
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