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Here is my bucket:

Ignore "NFT" and "PC" tags. Just lmk what you like and we can go from there regardless the card.
Wow that Sanders is sweet!
(11-15-2012 12:12 AM)mooncricket916 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow that Sanders is sweet!

Thanks dude!
No marinos out there? I could use base as well.
check my org...i have some
(11-16-2012 09:21 PM)sdbolts Wrote: [ -> ]check my org...i have some

I need 9 of them lol. See anything you like in my bucket?
this jumbo card has some wear on the edges but the dual autographed version is very this card
[Image: IMG_0002-13.jpg]
bump! That's a nice card bakerman wear or not as long as it's authentic Smile Didn't see it in the database but then again didn't look very hard either...
yeah ive never been able to find it in the pricing either...for the autographed version anyhow...supposedly the first 500 were signed by marino and montana and the other 19,500 were an unsigned version...i know its legit though...its uda authenticated..
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