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One of my favorite sets from last year....i just picked up one a few minutes ago so i thought i would revive this!

Thanks for looking!

Topps Super Bowl Legends Base

[Image: IMG_2040.jpg]

Super Bowl Giveaway

[Image: IMG_1397.jpg]

Giveaway Die Cut

[Image: IMG_6817.jpg]

Gold 01/99

[Image: C1E9222D-65DC-4F4D-85FF-C33784DE4662-520...34DA4A.jpg]

Ring 024/137

[Image: IMG_0199.jpg]

Pewter Coin 59/75

[Image: IMG_2407.jpg]

Bronze Coin 34/50

[Image: IMG_1751.jpg]

Silver Coin 12/25

[Image: IMG_5597.jpg]

Jersey 09/45

[Image: IMG_0929.jpg]

Jersey Gold 09/35

[Image: photo1-18.jpg]

Jersey Holofoil 05/15

[Image: E2D3F6EC-B347-4E7C-904C-E1662CF23859-274...4195-1.jpg]

SB Stamp 041/100

[Image: IMG_0041.jpg]

Player Stamp 052/100

[Image: IMG_1452.jpg]

Patch 20/50

[Image: IMG_3046.jpg]
WOW!! That's quite the set!!

Did'nt know you had any of those except for the base superbowl die cut!!

Awesome set!! Congrats man!!!
I didnt even know they had the stamps! Those are some sweet looking cards.
Awesome looking cards. First time I've seen those before. Very cool.
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