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Full Version: 1 box Certified
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The past two years I have never been lucky or really pleased with this product. I am happy to say my luck changed.

All cards FT except NYR cards

[Image: Certifiedbreak.jpg]
Very nice break! Congrats on the awesome PC hits!

Nice hits
Awesome hit on the Kreider. I loved certified the first year, last year it was kinda blahhh and this year I think it needs a bit more foil. These cards are not shinny enough. If I open any I better bring a pair of Nitrile gloves home from work so that I do not get smudges on everything.

Thanks for sharing.

I'd love the Sakic Smile
a few good hits! congrats on them
thanks guys. Onox i will take a look at your organize
Nice break. Sent you an open offer
Nice hits buddy, the Mayer i would be interrested in it..
check my weebly at
what do you collect..send me a PM please
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