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I have been able to track down both pieces of the 'A' from Panini Prime Captain's Cloth. Who would of thought both would hit eBay:

[Image: kopitarPPrimeCaptainsCloth.jpg]
[Image: kopitarPPrimeCaptainsCloth2.jpg]

Just another cool thing added to my collection.
Very Nice!
WHOA! Insane! Congrats on the stellar pick ups!

mind blowing, great pick up.
(11-14-2012 07:19 PM)bluefrozencanuck Wrote: [ -> ]mind blowing, great pick up.

Seriously. And a bonus that 'Alternate' is so fitting for 'Anze.'
Great additions. Congrats on getting both so quickly.
Nice. Those are some unbelievable cards. Congrats on your additions.
That is awesome, congrats!!!
That is awesome!!! I am very happy you were able to land them both!! CONGRATS!
that is AAmazing

are you going to frame it?
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