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Unfortunately I can only post 10 pics per thread so you only get this years silhouette pickups. I also snagged an Eberle and Stepan from last years set.

First an upgrade to my 2 colour
[Image: GaunceSilhouette-1.jpg]

I`ll start off with the Vets

[Image: GetzlafSilhouette.jpg]
[Image: VanekSilhouette.jpg]
[Image: VanRiemsdykSilhouette.jpg]
[Image: LundquistSilhouette.jpg]

And now the rookies

[Image: HollandSilhouette.jpg]
[Image: ColborneSilhouette.jpg]
[Image: GardinerSilhouette.jpg]
[Image: HenriaueSilhouette.jpg]
[Image: KassianSilhouette.jpg]
Did you double the colors in the Gaunce with that upgrade? Nicely done. I'm partial to Getzlaf, but yeah we're going to have to see the Eberle...
Wow! Another stunning bunch of PC adds! Congrats!

[Image: EberleSilhouette.jpg]
[Image: StephanSilhouette.jpg]
those crown royal silhouettes are some of my favorite looking cards to date.
that is pretty amazing

there is a trick to get more then 10 images per post.... i forgot it, as i wrote it down on my other pc
Those are sweet cards!
awesome looking cards
Great looking set. Congrats on the pickups.
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