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Another Expo and come and gone and it was, as always, an amazing whirlwind weekend. Lots of shiny goodness made it's way home with me!!!

[Image: RivalsAutos.jpg]
[Image: OPCStuff.jpg]
[Image: MixedBag.jpg]
[Image: BigMoneyMix.jpg]
[Image: Series112-13.jpg]
[Image: SilverSkates.jpg]
[Image: autoandpatches.jpg]

And now for the top 3

[Image: GretzMessandStevie.jpg]
[Image: MessandStevieUltimateAutoPatch.jpg]
[Image: Stevie1of1.jpg]
WOW! Those are some insane pick-ups! Congrats on the huge snares!

Awesome pickups. Are these for trade?
wow very nice hot pick-ups...
what wiould you need for the Roy Stick card?
awesome! pm me about one of those James Neal cards!
I think it mentioned these cards are for trade, there's a bunch i could grab from you to send to other people for other trades, so please check my org, see if i have anything you could use. Smile
WOW! a few id love to get in there. The Hall Autos, That Roy stick is amazing, and of course any of those top 3. doubt i have anything for the higher end, but look over my org if you have time
if i have anything for that TRIOs PLEASE let me know
What does one have to give to get that Luongo...drool
Interested in the Landeskog Artifacts RC.
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