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Just wanted to share this slideshow of In Person Autos from this past season. Thanks in advance for looking and please feel free to comment.

RobbinsDynasty's In Person Autos album on Photobucket
Nice autos! Always fun getting them in person.
(11-14-2012 07:30 PM)nyyankeesfan28 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice autos! Always fun getting them in person.

It is a lot of fun to get them signed in person. I take my two young boys to as many games as we can make it to. Mostly single A Tampa Yankees. Looking to get in as many as 50 games this year between GCL Yankees, Tampa Yankees and New York Yankees. Also the single A Daytona Cubs is not more then 30 minutes from home so if we cant make it to a Yankees game we will take in a game and maybe grab and auto or two from a prospect or a rehabbing big leaguer. Thats how we got the Joba and Nunez autos also got to see A-Rod play in the end of August.
That's awesome getting to share baseball with your kids!
(11-14-2012 10:36 PM)nyyankeesfan28 Wrote: [ -> ]That's awesome getting to share baseball with your kids!

Yeah they love it. This coming up Spring Training they will be turning 2 and 3.
(11-15-2012 08:16 AM)Ziveus101 Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome slideshow.

The auto on the Tyler Austin silver ice was kinda hard to see though (had to say something negative out of my jealousy lol).

Yeah it did come out a little hard to see. Thought that a gold pen would have came through better on the silver ice but I guess it wasnt a strong enough ink. A week after that I bought one a little stronger. Hopefully I'll get some of Dellin and send one up to you. Do you have any in person autos of him?
It's really a special thing being able to do things that you love (In Person autos) with people you love (your kids).
Oh ok. yeah ill be loading up for this years spring training for my boys. i see you add 'cisco and if the other mark montgomery
(11-16-2012 07:29 AM)Ziveus101 Wrote: [ -> ]Wish you the best new year.
And I've added Frank and Mark to my sig but I've yet to add their (certified) autos to my collection. Cervelli shouldn't be too hard to find but Montgomery, that's another story.

Monty or as his twitter handle goes SnapDragonMonty is hard to get his auto. chatted him up a couple times in Tampa doesnt have many cards to begin with and cerv's most common auto that keeps popping up is the dual with posey and i have no interest in it.
havent gotten an auto of cisco yet but do have memories of him singing while catching a bullpen in kissimmee during spring training. he told a group of us he would sign after the game but game ended up being rained out. same thing happened with dante bichette jr. kid smashed 2 HR in 2 pitches.
as we get closer to spring if there is anything you need me to try and get signed i will do my best to get it to you.
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