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Picked it up from DAcardworld during their early black friday sale

[Image: ryangetzlaf.jpg]

[Image: mikemurphy.jpg]

[Image: mikegartner.jpg]

[Image: jordaneberle.jpg]

[Image: mikerichards.jpg]

[Image: evolution.jpg]
WOWOW intrested in the video card if u wanna trade check my bucket for football
Simply amazing break!!! Congrats on the huge Eberle hit! I am interested in the Gartner. Give me a holler if you can find anything.

nice pulls...will you trade for the murphy redemption card ?
Great stuff ....overall great break ... Congrats!..... and thanks for sharing....
nice, I'd love to pick up one of those video redemptions... and that Eberle...
wow congrats on those gems

the video card could be pretty cool
What are you looking to get for the video redemption? I may be able to track something down for it. Plmk
Great hits! You have some very unique cards. Can you check my org for something for your Eberle? Thanks!
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