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Anyone have hope for Panini Prismz Basketball will bring some interest back to the hobby? I haven't seen many panini products i like, and hearing they are using a chrome technology for this set has my interest. I wonder how they can pull it off though.

Anyone seen their prismz line in non-basketball products? How does it look.

Just look at the set breakdown, and line up i have my concerns with this product but we will see. I'm willing to give it a shot.
Its a new product so theres not a prizm product in any other sport. The preview looks really sweet. They had a contest to guess the autos on Panini's blog and one of them was Kobe's auto from Prizm and that auto just popped on there, it looks really good.
I saw previews of some of the cards on I think they're gonna be pretty nice. Pictures probably aren't doing the chrome technology justice, but they still look pretty nice!
price per box/pack?
100$ per box. 20 packs per box.

2 Autographs, 2 Prizms, and 2 Inserts

300-card base set featuring 100 Rookies Prizms and Gold Prizms Parallels Four themed insert sets One Autograph set

- Look for design and photography-driven insert sets that play to this extraordinary print technology!
- Huge base set with 100 rookies to chase! Prizms and Gold Prizms Parallels.
- Prizm delivers a familiar, but dramatically improved technology that has been missing from the Basketball Hobby!
- Chase a 300-card base set geared for player, team and set collectors, and look for the rare Prizm Parallels!
- Prizm also continues Panini America's massive and historic double Rookie Card class!
- 100-card Autographs set with Prizm variations; two autographs per box!
Damn, that seems expensive to me. I've not seen any cards from this set yet but judging from what I've read, would it be fair say this is Panini's attempt at a Topps Chrome set? If not, then what UD or Topps set would you compare it to? I just want to see what kind of set this is going to be.
Yeah, basically Panini's version of Chrome/Finest. I've not overly impressed by the details, but it might be simple enough to work. Have to see the cards first to really judge. I think the design will depend if it fails or flourishes.
If you go to this webpage you can see a few of the designs. But the Chrome technology isn't as apparent in the photos.
Panini has been posting their Prism cards on their facebook page...

[Image: 291754_469853373057264_1516974957_n.jpg]
[Image: 542833_467017690007499_773587860_n.jpg]
Not everyone has facebook...

To quote Ice Cube from his movie Friday,.... "DAAAAAAAAAAAMN". Thats some nice cards. Those are on-card autos too, right? Wow
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