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My local hobby shop is really just a sports store that carries hobby cards. Owner told me he is gonna start waning the amount of cards he brings in due to lack of gain vs. what he spends. He said he'd be better off putting extra cash toward more jerseys, hats, tees etc. Although he's not gonna completely stop selling cards right away, it's just sad to see that the only "card shop" I have is pretty much gonna be null and void soon.

I order from Blowout to change it up sometimes but it's gonna be a bummer when that's my only means of cards. No more picking out the packs, picking box numbers and all that comes with going to the shop. It really stinks!

2008 Press Pass Legends Don Maynard Red Ink AU/25
2008 Ultimate Collection Matt Forte Dual Jersey AU/35
2009 Press Pass Legends Saturday Sigs Jeremy Maclin
2011 Absolute Sam Bradford NFL Shield Patch 1/1
2011 Certified Joe Flacco Emerald AU/5
2011 Gridiron Gear Frank Gifford Pro Signatures AU/25
2011 Playbook AJ Green Patch AU/199
2011 Totally Certified Quad Jersey Rice/Moss/TO/Carter /199
2011 Totally Certified Julio Jones Reebok Patch/5
2012 Certified Robert Griffin III FOTG AU/25
2012 Press Pass Fanfare Andrew Luck SP AU
2012 SPX Aaron Rodgers Shadow Box
2012 Ultimate Collection Robert Griffin III /450
.... More

Let me know if your interested in anything. Pics in bucket. Thanks!
Ah man that's bad news ! Sorry to hear that man , check me for the julio ?
I'd like a shot at the A.J. Green and/or Forte
Interest in the Flacco or Jones for a Vick 2/10 auto patch?
also interested in the AJ Green Playbook... sucks about your shop. When I lived in Hawaii there were 3-4 shops within 10 miles of my house. Now that I live in New Mexico, there is ONE card shop in the ENTIRE STATE!!!
bama, jmessick, usaf- Will Check you guys

Jbittman- Sorry, no interest in the Vick.

Other Offers and PMs answered.
Anyone else?
how much for the shadow box
bama, jmessick- Didn't see anything, sorry

usaf- PM Coming
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