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I am trying to clean out out a lot of my organize, so am selling quite a few things. Everything that is marked FT is also for sale. So, if something isn't showing up in a trade (and it's in my ORG) that means it's not part of the deal.

Just FYI, I am not hanging on to much. So pretty much everything is part of this deal and I have nearly 3K cards in my ORG. If you have any questions about anything, just ask.

Here's how it work:
- All of my non-RC, non-SP base cards are 10 for $1. Doesn't matter the player. They're 10 for $1.
- All of my RCs and SPs are 25% of BV. Doesn't matter the player. They're 25% of BV.
- All of my GUd and autos are 30% of BV. Again, doesn't matter the player.

So, start some offers or let me know what you want.
offer sent
anyone today?
What do you have for packers?
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