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Was able to grab this...very excited!!!


[Image: 494A1A08-A9AE-4BB4-B66D-A97E4E80C6A6-236...69ACFE.jpg]

Will look nice next to


[Image: 3B7243F7-A66F-4E36-BEEF-C5151612C1DE-416...C58233.jpg]

And this


[Image: FA323E4C-FE55-4639-885D-14F84D44970B-416...8CCF8F.jpg]
WOW!! Not too shabby!
Killing it Brent...just killing it! Congrats!
Awesome Cards!!! I am somewhat jealous!!!! PS Where did you get that booklet holder?
Holy hell that's a monster of a pickup. Those will look AMAZING together.
thanks guys...never thought i would see for that pesky 1/1 Smile
If I didn't know any better I would think your just showing off! .... Big Grin
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