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Hopefully I can explain this properly.......

I am a team/player collector. I have a few players from the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals that I collect. Basically, I put all of their cards in my organize, then put a 1 in for "trade for". When I trade for a particular card, I zero that column out and put a 1 in the "have" column. Works easy....that way I know what cards I need. In a trade, all "trade fors" come up with a star next to them if I need them.....I know many people do this.

When I start a trade, I use the filters to the left and normally choose by team, checking the boxes for Reds and Bengals. What I have noticed recently is that MANY cards are not tagged with the team name. Doing a search for "A.J. Green" results in finding many cards that do not come up when using the filter for Cincinnati Bengals. There is no rhyme or reason either. Some 2011 cards are missing the tag while many 2012 cards have the team name tagged with it. Below are the Item Details from two AJ Green cards. The Bowman Preview doesn't come up when using the Cincinnati Bengals filter, but the Donruss Elite card does. Is there any reason for the missing "Team Tag"??

Item Details
Set 2011 Bowman Chrome Rookie Preview Inserts
Player Green, A.J.
Sport Football
Brand Topps Chrome
Manufacturer Topps Co.

Item Details
Set 2011 Donruss Elite Rookie NFL Team Logo
Player Green, A.J.
Team Cincinnati Bengals
Sport Football
Brand Donruss Elite
Manufacturer Panini Group
Attributes Ser
Print Run 999
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