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Full Version: WTTF: Eric Decker
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Looking for anything Eric decker i dont have.

[Image: scan0175.jpg]

[Image: scan0160.jpg]

[Image: scan0141.jpg]

[Image: scan0036.jpg]

[Image: scan0108-1.jpg]

[Image: scan0133.jpg]

[Image: scan0083.jpg]

More in my bucket, should be up to date. Theres more inserts,sp, and rc's listed in my org, than shown in my bucket.
Ive got deckers not checked for trade yet depending what you got for demaryius thomas
2010 SP Authentic Championship Patch Autographs #DT Demaryius Thomas

2010 Topps Prime 3rd Quarter Relics #TMM Demaryius Thomas/Ryan Mathews/Rolando McClain/275

this is what i have of thomas
I have this one and a epix jersey card
(11-22-2012 04:34 PM)peytonvols18 Wrote: [ -> ]
I have this one and a epix jersey card

open offer sent! Thanks
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